Coping with anxiety without prolonged use of medicines

Overwhelming feelings, such as excessive worry, nervousness, irrational fears and apprehensiveness, lead to unpleasant physical sensation, muscle tension, dizziness or shortness of breath. Such changes can prove to be debilitating if they prolong for a long period. Though the occurrence of such negative thoughts and imaginations is beyond one’s control and reach, he or she can effectively overcome them by following some measures that are effective in calming a disturbed mind.

People suffering from an anxiety disorder often stretch their mind so much by ruminating about things that they find it difficult to switch moods and relax. In fact, sometimes they tend to spend much of their time worrying about things that are vague and have no valid grounds.

Medication not always the solution

Although medication can be an effective way of managing an anxiety disorder, it should be treated only as a short-term option and not as a solution. Several anxiety relief medications, such as benzodiazepines, can alter a person’s brain chemistry, if continued for a prolonged period. Exposure to benzodiazepines can also increase the risk of witnessing several side effects and developing increased dependence on the drug.

Considering the above factors in the mind, health professionals may prescribe a short-term course of medication in order to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety disorders. However, depending entirely on medication can be a foolish idea, as it may place a person at a high risk of developing dependence and addiction.

One of the withdrawal symptoms of benzodiazepines can be relapsing to anxiety, especially when used without a therapy. It should be noted that medications provide only temporary relief from the symptoms and do not cure the problem.

Learn medication-free techniques to calm a disturbed mind

Besides medications, several other measures can emerge as a powerful weapon in the battle against anxiety. Medication-free treatments, such as psychological therapies, can have a positive effect and help in managing the anxiety symptoms in the long run.

Here are some effective and comprehensive on-the-go approach to help fight anxiety:

  • Eat healthy and establish good sleeping patterns: One’s mental health is greatly influenced by his or her physical health. By including nutritious foods, such as blueberry, peach, green tea or chamomile tea, one can reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Additionally, one is recommended to reduce the intake of caffeine and adopt healthy sleeping habits to overcome the challenges of anxiety disorders.
  • Reduce substance use: Being a depressant, alcohol can worsen the symptoms if taken for a long period. Though it has the characteristics to make a person feel better in the short term by masking the underlying problem, it can actually make things worse by increasing the risk of developing tolerance and dependence on alcohol.
  • Know the warning signs: Every individual has a different approach toward anxiety. However, it is important to learn and recognize the warning signs before they become a problem.
  • Practice breathing techniques: Breathing can be a great way of calming a disturbed mind. Practicing diaphragmatic breathing, or abdominal breathing, which is also known as heavy belly breathing, is a powerful way of controlling hyperventilation during an anxiety attack.
  • Practice meditation: Yoga and meditation have been practiced for ages and are known for their healing properties. Indulge in yoga sessions at least twice a week to feel the difference in one’s mind and body.
  • Confront negative thoughts: This is one of the powerful ways to get rid of the anxious thoughts forever. Confronting one’s negative thoughts and asking himself or herself the probable solutions can prove to be a great way to combat the anxious thoughts and panic attacks in the long run.
  • Get support: One should not hide his or her miseries due to the social stigma and suffer in silence. Whenever confronted by a mental health issue, one should talk to a trusted family member or friend. Additionally, one can seek help from a mental health professional.

Get professional help for anxiety

By following a number of drug-free remedies, one can avoid the side effects caused due to medications.  By making lifestyle changes, as mentioned above, one can effectively treat mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, etc. If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, contact the Anxiety Disorder Treatment Arizona for assistance. Call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-425-9317 or chat online to know about the best anxiety disorder treatment in Arizona.