Follow these tips to deal with post-partum anxiety

Samantha, a 33-year-old working professional who recently became a mother, had always been a cool customer; however it all changed after the birth of her child. She would hyperventilate if her baby wouldn’t have her feed or puked at one or more occasions. Much of the anxiety was due to her fear that something or the other was wrong with her bundle of joy, and with each passing day, it only kept on increasing. Samantha was diagnosed with post-partum anxiety (PPA), a disorder which is not often discussed.  

According to the advocacy nonprofit Postpartum Support International, at least 10 percent of the new mothers are afflicted by this disorder. So little is known about this disorder that it often goes undiagnosed. Unfortunately, many new moms don’t even realize that something is not okay with them and they start assuming that they are failing as mothers. This anxiety is further exacerbated by lack of sleep and hormonal imbalances. However, there are several ways to deal with this disorder. Some of them are:

  • Taking care of the body: Taking care of a new born is in no way a walk in the park and it often takes a toll on the mother’s health. It is important to ensure that one doesn’t exert oneself too much and gets adequate sleep. However, that might not always be possible. Still, one must try to squeeze in some time for rest as and when possible even during the day hours. Additionally, a healthy and balanced diet is quintessential prior to and after child-birth. One should stay away from junk and processed food, and increase the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables nuts, etc. It is also advisable to increase the intake of liquids to stay active and hydrated at all times. Apart from these, one should also try to indulge in some form of physical activity to help calm the nerves. One can start with slow walking and even yoga.
  • Practicing relaxation: Being a new mother can be quite overwhelming at times. However, fretting over minute issues will only complicate things further. Try to maintain your composure even when you feel things are not going your way. Start by practicing some asanas of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, tai-chi, and so on. It is sure to help you deal with stress in a better way. Whenever possible, relax by reading some self-help books, listening to some calming music or doing an activity that helps ease the distressed mind.
  • Saying no and yes as much as possible: Immediately after pregnancy, a woman must devote considerable time in convalescing. One must avoid taking on tasks and prioritizing social commitments which might get taxing. Let the mind and body heal properly and let this process take its own time. Everyone understands that childbirth is not easy, so if a loved one or a family member extends support, learn to accept it.
  • Building a support system: It always helps to connect with people who are sailing in the same boat. Connecting with new mothers through online and offline support forums is a good way to learn and unlearn so many things.

Road to recovery

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but, at times, taking care of the newborn can get extremely strenuous. There might be instances when self-help tips do not help and in those circumstances, it is indispensable to seek professional guidance.

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