Gina Rodrigues opens up about her struggle with anxiety

Golden Globe-winning American actress Gina Rodriguez, starring in popular sitcoms like “Jane the Virgin,” recently shared about her struggle with anxiety due to the debilitating effects of Hashimoto’s disease. She shared this through a short video clip on Instagram. She also admitted of not paying much attention to her health despite being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at a young age of 19 years and Hashimoto’ disease at 26.

She said that the effects of Hashimoto’s disease, such as fatigue, memory issues, weight gain and so much more, was so overwhelming that she didn’t even try correcting anything. “To the core of my being, I know what it’s like to feel like there is no way I can win this, so where do I even begin,” Rodriguez said. However, as her career progressed and she got a chance in movies and opportunities to direct, her condition exacerbated with time.

When she started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks quite frequently in recent times, she suspected it could be due to the clash between the reality and fiction. However, she realized later that she felt heart palpitations and anxiety due to the increased intake of thyroid medicine. Though panic attacks subsided once she lowered the dosage of her medicine, she remains distressed with the amount of time and care spent unnecessarily over worrying about her disease. Besides changing her diet and limiting gluten, dairy, etc., she went vegan and took up weight lifting to overcome anxiety and evade her body image issues

Tips to prevent and manage anxiety

Everyone struggles with some amount of anxiety every now and then that subsides in some time. However, if one develops anxiety that persists for long, it is a warning sign that he or she might be struggling with an anxiety disorder. It is important to treat anxiety; if left untreated, it may lead to depression, suicidal ideation, alcoholism and substance abuse. Some of the effective ways to prevent and manage an anxiety attack are as follows:

  • Diaphragmatic deep breathing: Diaphragmatic deep breathing is helpful in easing and preventing anxiety symptoms. It converts the fight-or-flight response of the sympathetic nervous system into the relaxed response of the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Physical activity: Regular exercise and physical activity produces endorphins, which have a calming effect on the mind and body. Therefore, one must indulge in some sort of physical activities like going for a brisk walk, running, playing some sports, etc. every day.
  • Uninterrupted sleeping pattern: Sleep plays a central role in the management of anxiety. Sleep deprivation can lead to the increased production of cortisol, a stress hormone due to which the mind and body remain in the anxious state. Therefore, it is important that one sleeps peacefully or uninterrupted for at least seven to eight hours a day.
  • Avoiding substance abuse: Some people resort to alcohol or other mind-altering substances to alleviate their mental health-related symptoms. It is important to understand that these substances have the potential to provide relief only for a short-term. In the end, they tend to exacerbate the symptoms; therefore, one must avoid taking them at all costs.
  • Avoiding triggers: One should make a list of all triggers that make him or her more susceptible to anxiety. In front of these triggers, he or she should write one or two solutions to avoid adverse consequences, when exposed to them.
  • Eating calming foods: One must avoid taking food that exacerbates anxiety like diet soda, red meat, gluten- and sugar-free foods, sodium-rich foods, dairy products, etc.

Reach out for help

Anxiety can appear as a debilitating problem, but the aforementioned self-help tips can greatly help in overcoming it. However, if the symptoms are severe and have long-lasting effects, it is best to reach out for professional support.

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